About Binary Creations

Binary Creations is a small, ambitious software company based in East Lothian, Scotland, with customers around the world.

We work with Open Source software to deliver cost-effective, reliable solutions. This is born out of passion for technical elegance, the beauty of UNIX-like systems and a touch of perfectionism.

Perhaps the most well known free and open source software is GNU/Linux. Dating back to it's first release in 1991, it is the same age as the World Wide Web which was opened to people outside CERN the same year.

Created by technophiles and modeled on UNIX, it is not surprising that Linux now underpins most of the Internet. Even your Android phone runs Linux underneath, and a Mac runs a system based on BSD, which is extremely similar.

Today, Linux attracts millions of developers, contains far more code than Windows and is a often where the most advanced, new technology is created and first made available. By adopting Linux — on your servers, web solution or desktops — you do not only save money spent on licencing, you get access to solutions that are simply better. For example, the PostgreSQL database server can do virtually everything you can do with MS-SQL, but also offers unparalleled internal programming facilities and an extremely well written disk handling, ensuring that your data is safer than it would be on most platforms. The web servers Apache and Nginx offer the HTTP/2.0 protocol, allowing your website to be served much faster than it would be using the still very common HTTP/1.1 protocol. Linux and BSD implemented support for the next generation of Internet, IPv6, many years before Microsoft, and the support for new encryption technology - again keeping your data safe - is lead by work done in UNIX like environments.

Working with Binary Creations to make the most of modern technology means you don't have to go the extra mile. We have already done that, and you can benefit from our work.

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