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Web sites

On a complex web site, you probably want to update the information yourself. For this, we can provide a website powered by any of a number of content management systems.

Most websites should work well both on mobile and desktop devices. This can be ensured in many ways depending on your specifications. A common tool to save development time and money, reach mobile and desktop users and create a good looking website is Twitter Bootstrap.

You probably also want your website to provide reports on visitor numbers, statistics for popular pages and other analytics. We can integrate your website with Google Analytics, or provide other alternatives such as Piwik that keeps your data private.

Web applications

A web site containing complex user interaction, live data, or a site that's entirely a user interface to your systems require more thorough planning and more programming work than a page with static content.

This may be a space for your customers to interact with you, a tool for staff to work efficiently with your data or even your companies own main product.

Binary Creations have experience working with many different types of server technology, including our own superfast Perl & FastCGI based web application engine available for licencing.

Server applications

When data is processed behind the scenes, your application must be relied on at all times. Except the ways in which it is monitored, it's forgotten about.

It should be efficient, so that even years later, when your IT systems process more data and the organisation has grown, it still runs well. It should be secure, so nobody can break into your systems or steal your data.

And perhaps most importantly, it should be documented and written in such a way that, years after it was created, when a change is needed, it can be done, without hassle. For this, you need an experienced programmer who can not only put code together, but who can anticipate risks, advantages and understand your technical ambition for the future.

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