File server & domain controller on a sturdy Linux system with more reliable file systems than can ever be found on Windows.


First class open source IT systems monitoring, with a plugin system that makes monitoring of even the most rare and unusual systems possible.


Magento is a popular system for creating web shops. It can be customised to look almost anyway you wish for the existing business looking to upgrade their online shop, or look good with small tweaks for the new online shopowner.

File server

A modern Linux server can use file systems such as btrfs to store files in a verifiable manner across several disks, in a much safer way than a RAID system or old fashioned systems such as FAT, NTFS or extfs.

When your data is important, backups won't help you if the original file has been damaged over the years due to partial changes on a disk that go undetected. A proper storage solution can ensure that your data remains safe for decades even if the hardware is damaged.

Mail server

The best mail server software out there is available only for Linux and other UNIX-like software. With Maildir on a cutting edge file system such as btrfs, your email will be stored much safer and reliable than ever on Exchange, backups can run more efficiently and the server can be made much more secure.

Web server

It's no surprise that most web servers run Linux, because the simple combination of Linux, Apache, PHP & MySQL is cost effective, reliable and very easy to use for a developer. Modern alternatives include the webserver Nginx, the PostgreSQL database server and advanced application servers running Perl, Python or Ruby. No matter your software requirements, and if you want your own web server or use shared hosting, Binary Creations can help.

Database server

You can run many different database solutions on Linux, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and even a limited version of Microsoft SQL.

If you want help designing a reliable new database solution, Binary Creations can help. Modern and free PostgreSQL is often the most powerful choice, with reliable transactions, replication, granular control of disk access, replication and helpful graphical administration tools.


With extremely good security history, advanced firewall capabilites, reliable updates and no ties to any particular hardware, OpenBSD running on a PC with multiple network cards is the best choice for a reliable firewall.

VPN server

With a variety of software available, there's a good VPN solution available no matter the remote working needs of your organisation. Linux supports IPsec, OpenVPN is an easy-to-use technology that can be installed on Windows, Linux & Mac and there's even Linux server software to handle the built-in Windows PPTP VPN support that you can run on any Windows laptop without installing anything.

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